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The Gift of the Unicorn: and other stories - Chrys Cymri

I won this book from a booklikes giveaway. The Gift of the Unicorn and other stories has four short stories and samples of three novels. THE GIFT OF THE UNICORN (5 stars) was my favorite of the four stories. I quickly read through this story. The characters were very interesting and I wanted to learn more about them. I love the message is that you must forgive yourself before you can heal. And everyone deserves to be forgiven. A MAMMOTH MISTAKE (3.5 stars) was a quick and easy read. It was a strange story of returning to a past life. I felt the story was okay. I like how the story ended. UNNAMING THE BEASTS (4 stars) had me really thinking. How would it be if God wanted to start over and take away the names of every animal. I really like the story but I felt that the story was left unfinished. DRAGONS CAN ONLY RUST (4 stars) was a quick and easy read. I like the characters and I felt that sometimes the story was a little confusing. But I really like the story. But I also felt this story was unfinished. I did not rate the novel samples. I did not feel I could rate them after only reading one chapter.